P&K Partnerships & Donations         

P&K Midwest strives to be a good steward and community partner in our local cities and surrounding areas.  Our goal is to provide a worthwhile impact for our customers, for our neighbors, and for future generations.  In order to do that, we aim to provide support to qualified organizations and programs focused in the following areas: 

       -Agricultural education programs and associations that provide inspiring, rewarding, and innovative experiences for both youth and/or adults.  
       -Community development opportunities, such as those supporting economic growth, resiliency, safety programs, and/or community relations activities.
       -Organizations that aid under-privileged youth and/or families with food, shelter, or other necessary resources.  

Please review the above guidelines to make sure your sponsorship/donation request fits within our parameters.  If your request does meet our guidelines, we welcome you to apply for a partnership with us!  

Please click here to complete the online donation request form.  

You can either submit it directly from the form or you can email a copy to Erin Wheeler.  

NOTE: Due to the volume of requests we receive, we are no longer able to accept those submitted by mail, fax, or in-person.  All requests must be completed using the online form.  If you have any questions regarding donations, you may contact Erin by email.

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P&K Midwest opened its doors in early 2012, and has ever-since been a key part of the P&K enterprise and agricultural communities across the Midwest. In summer of 2013, we added three more locations in Waterloo, Sumner and Waverly. With our now nine locations in Iowa, we strive to provide complete solutions, with honesty, courtesy, and a sense of urgency. Although young on paper, the roots of company history start somewhere in the heart of the western plains of Oklahoma, with the inclusion of our ten P&K Equipment locations in Oklahoma.