New 1590 No-Till Drill

Box Drills
Key Features
  • Productive Seedbox capacities
  • Easy-to-read seed level indicator
  • Accurate fertilizer metering
  • Box drill acremeter

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Proven no-till openers provide excellent penetration with rugged durability
Seed placement with 90 Series OpenerSeed placement with 90 Series Opener
1590 series downpressure1590 series downpressure

Single-disk no-till openers are included in base equipment. The single-disk openers are mounted on one rank on the 15-in. row spacing single rank units and on two ranks on the 7.5-in. and 10-in. row-spacing units. The single-disk openers provide consistent and accurate seed placement.

The single-disk openers are gang mounted and are hydraulically raised and lowered. The hydraulics also work to provide a wide range of downforce settings for the openers.


The active hydraulics work in conjunction with the opener spring to provide an adjustable range of 165 lb to 400 lb of down pressure per opener to penetrate hard soils and heavy residue. 

The down pressure is easily adjusted with the pressure valve located on the front of the mainframe, giving the operator the ability to quickly adjust, or dial in, the down pressure as operating conditions change.

For additional ballast in hard-to-penetrate conditions, tractor suitcase weights may also be added to obtain maximum down pressure per opener. 

The no-till openers work not only in no-till conditions, but also in clean-till conditions. There are 2 in. of free travel in the opener before spring down pressure takes over, allowing the opener to move over individual rocks and minimizing the chance of the gauge wheels bulldozing soil in soft or mellow conditions.

Secondly, the opener spring will then travel a maximum of 8 in. up or 6 in. down before the hydraulics react to uneven seedbeds.

Lastly, the cylinders will allow the openers to travel up or down an additional 16 in. with active hydraulic down pressure to follow the ground.  The hydraulics will give the openers additional pressure when needed or allow the openers to go into relief if the pressure becomes too high. 

Productive seedbox capacities

Seedboxes have large capacity for longer intervals between stops for refilling.


Plain grain or combination grain/fertilizer seedboxes are available to match the producer's needs and crops.


The versatile grain/fertilizer box with 7.5-in. row spacing can be set for 100 percent grain or 60 percent grain/40 percent fertilizer.


The bulkheads in the seedbox reduce material shifting in the box for increased seeding efficiency.


The sight glass located near the end of the box on combination grain fertilizer drills allows the operator to view seed level at a glance.


Seedbox capacities

     Plain grain

Combination grain/fertilizer

100% grain

60% grain/40% fertilizer

Grain, bu/ft (L/m)

3.5 (405)

3.5 (405)

2.1 (243)

Fertilizer, bu/ft (L/m)

1.4 (162)

Total, bu/ft (L/m)

3.5 (405)

3.5 (405)

3.5 (405)


   Plain Grain Box Combination Box
 Total Box 3 m (10 ft) liter 1233.4 L 1318.0 L
  bu 35 bu 37.4 bu
 Total Box 4.6 m (15 ft) liter 1850.1 L 2026. L
  bu 52.5 bu 57.5 bu
 Total box 6.2 m (20 ft) liter2466.8 L 2636.0 L
  bu 70 bu 74.8 L
Capacities with grass seed attachment


   3 m (10 ft ) 4.6 m (15 ft ) 6.1 m (20 ft)
 Grass seed box with plain grain box liter 105.7 L 169.1 L 211.4 L
  bu 3.0 bu 4.8 bu 6.0 bu
 Grass seed box with combination box liter 52.9 L 84.6 L 105.7 L
  bu 1.5 bu 2.4 bu 3.0 bu
Electronic population rate control saves seed costs
Electronic population rate controlElectronic population rate control

With seed prices on the rise, producers want the ability to monitor and control seed populations on-the-go.


The electronic population rate control (EPRC), in base equipment on the 1590 drill, allows producers to adjust the population rate right from the convenience of their tractor cab.


The system:

  • Features an in-cab rocker switch to adjust the electric motor that controls the population rate 
  • Is manually adjusted-- the operator must hold down the adjustment switch until the desired rate is met
  • Can be overridden by pushing back on the motor to allow the producer to make a manual adjustment to the rate if needed


NOTE: To give the producers the ability to monitor the population rate on the go, it is highly recommended they equip the unit with ComputerTrak™ or SeedStar™ population monitoring.



NOTE: One system is used with 10-ft and 15-ft drills.  The 20-ft models require two systems.

1590 Seed/fertilizer delivery system
Seed tubeSeed tube

A long, internally smooth seed tube with a molded elbow is supported at the seed tube support. From there, it is connected to a short convoluted seed tube, allowing product to flow smoothly to the openers and still flex.


The tube flexes to avoid crimping for consistent seed flow. It is made of non-corrosive nylon material for long life. Long tubes are 21.8-in. and short tubes are 4.25-in.


Elbow at meters to angle the seed tube directly to the openers.


The smooth inside diameter provides smooth seed flow from the meters to the furrow openers.

Seed tube with Y-adapterSeed tube with Y-adapter

The combination grain/fertilizer drill with 7.5-in. row spacing features a convoluted tube directing fertilizer from the discharge hole to the top of the steel seed tube at the seed boot. From there, a special Y-adapter lets seed and fertilizer mix before going into the furrow.


Working width 15 ft
Transport width 15, 3 ft, in.
Transport height 6, 10 ft, in.
Overall length 20 (with wheels) ft
Total weight empty 8460 lb
Hitch weight empty 3100 lb
Hitch weight full 4500 lb
Clearance 8 (road-opener) in.
Plain grain 52.5 bu
Grain/Fertilizer 57.5 bu
Type Fluted-feed
Opener assembly
Number of openers 24, 18
Spacing 7.5/15/20 in.
Down pressure Active hydraulic 165 - 450 lb
Disk 18 in. @ 7 degree angle
Gauge wheels 4.5 x 16 in.
Press wheels 1 x 10 in.
Closing wheels 1 x 12 in.
Type SeedStar or ComputerTrak 250, 350, 450
Tractor requirements
Hydraulic requirements 1 SCV
Electrical requirements 7-pin

Accessories and Attachments


Drawbar Support for 30 Through 60 Series Row-Crop Tractors with Regular Drawbar - BN210998
Drawbar supportDrawbar support

Drawbar support is required for regular hitches attaching directly to the tractor drawbar on 10- and 15-ft drills.  Required for 10-ft drills when used with row-crop tractors (less than 150 horsepower) and 15-ft drills when used with all row-crop tractors.

NOTE:  Wide swing drawbar also requires the following items from Parts:



 AN142550 2
 N146861 6
 N211305 2
 N211306 2
 12H236 4
 12H294 4
 14H760 4
 14H794 4
 19H1824 4
Drawbar Support for 6000 and 7000 Series Tractors - BN909566
Drawbar supportDrawbar support

Drawbar support is required for regular hitches attaching directly to the tractor drawbar on 10- and 15-ft drills.  Required for 10-ft drills when used with row-crop tractors (less than 150 horsepower) and 15-ft drills when used with all row-crop tractors.

NOTE:  Wide swing drawbar also requires the following items from Parts:



 AN142550 2
 N146861 6
 N211305 2
 N211306 2
 12H236 4
 12H294 4
 14H760 4
 14H794 4
 19H1824 4


31-13.5 x 15 8 PR Hi-Flotation Tire and 6-Bolt Wheel - BN280159

High-flotation tire bundles are used for wetter soil conditions and less compaction.

31-13.5 x 15 8 PR Hi-Flotation Tire and 8-Bolt Wheel - BN280274

High-flotation tire bundles are used for wetter soil conditions and less compaction.

Caster Hitch Tongue with Convertible Hitch Link - BN908487
Tongue for caster hitchTongue for caster hitch

The tongue fits between the horsehead of the dual caster hitch and the reversible hitch link.

Caster Wheel Hitch for 10 Ft. and 15 Ft. Single Placement Drills - BN908484
Dual castering hitchDual castering hitch

Dual castering wheel hitch provides additional support to the front of the drill, eliminating the need for a drawbar support on row-crop tractors.

NOTE: Reversible hitch link is included and only compatible with a Category 3 drawbar on 8000 Series Tractors.
Caster Wheel Hitch for 10 Ft., 15 Ft. Single Placement and 20 Ft. Drills with Hi-Flotation Tires - BN908485
Dual castering hitchDual castering hitch

Dual castering wheel hitch provides additional support to the front of the drill, eliminating the need for a drawbar support on row-crop tractors.

NOTE: Reversible hitch link is included and only compatible with a Category 3 drawbar on 8000 Series Tractors.
Grass seed box for plain grain and combination grain and fertilizer box - BN280486
Grass seed attachmentGrass seed attachment

The grass seed attachment is used for accurate metering of grasses, forages, small grains and oil crops such as canola. This attachment is well suited for set-aside ground and waterways.


The grass seed attachment mounts to the front of 1590 grain box and meters seed by  fluted feed cups. Adjustable tube holder places the seed into the feed cup where the seed tube carries it to the seed boot.


NOTE: For plain grain box, serial numbers N01560X680000 and above. For combination grain/fertilizer box, serial numbers N01560X685000 and above.

Open Center Kit with Closed Center Change Valve - BN280593

The open-center hydraulic check valve is a pilot-operated check valve which traps oil to opener cylinders, maintaining preset position when tractor valve is neutralized.  This check valve is required if drill is to be connected to tractors with open-center hydraulic system. It may also be used with closed center hydraulic systems. If the tractor valve is not neutralized on open-center tractors, damage to tractor will result (heat buildup in the hydraulic system). Kit includes: check valve, pilot line and necessary hydraulic fitting for installation.

NOTE: This should be ordered when drills are rented or leased.
Opener Rank Lockup - BN280362
Front-rank opener lockupFront-rank opener lockup

The front-rank opener lockup kit provides a function to lock up the front rank.


NOTE: Order N283209 grain feed stop and N215869 fertilizer feed stop as required from Parts.

Regular hitch with jack for 3.048-m and 4.572-m (10-ft and 15-ft) single placement drills - BN280515
Regular hitchRegular hitch

Regular drawn hitch provides increased weight transfer to tractor tires for reduced slippage, which is especially useful when operating on rolling ground. Includes safety chain.

Sensor Kit for ComputerTrak (4 Sensors) - BA31914
Two Point Semi-Integral Hitch with Parking Stands - BN280613
Semi-integral hitchSemi-integral hitch

Semi-integral hitch with 2-point hookup to the tractor draft links or the Quik-Coupler. This hitch eliminates the need for a drawbar support.

Monitor System

ComputerTrak 350 - 4 rows through 32 rows - BA31919
ComputerTrak 350 ComputerTrak 350

The ComputerTrak 350 monitors use electronic circuitry, radar distance measuring, and a large liquid crystal display to provide sophisticated monitoring with simple operation. Along with this, the ComputerTrak 350 can monitor up to 32 rows simultaneously.

The ComputerTrak 350 monitor solution is available as an optional feature for the following planter and drill models:


 Drawn planters Integral plantersDrills
1750 Planter Series1700 Planter Series455
1760 Planter Series1710 Planter Series1590
1760NT Planter Series1720 8-Row and 12-Row Planters 
1770 Planter Series1730 Planter Series 

1780 Planter Series



All other planter configurations will only have SeedStar™ 2 monitoring system available with no option for the ComputerTrak 350 monitoring system.


ComputerTrak 350 features include:

  • Liquid crystal display provides operator with information regarding the planter function
  • High/low warning alarm provides warning limits for seed population; this allows the operator to set the upper and lower population limits at which a warning is given
  • Monitors population by row scan, by individual row, or by the minimum/average/maximum features; the minimum/average/maximum feature alternately displays row number and data for the lowest and highest population and the average population
  • Displays seed spacing or population for all rows, showing the minimum/average/maximum for all rows
  • Radar distance measuring is base equipment; this can be field calibrated by the operator for improved accuracy
  • Ground speed of the planter can be displayed
  • Non-volatile memory allows the console to be disconnected from the battery and still retain the program
  • Built-in self-diagnostics check the continuity of all monitor sensor circuits upon power-up, providing up-and-ready display
  • Console is easy to program for special planting patterns such as skip rows, etc.
  • Monitor alarm can be turned off when multiple outside planting units indicate no seed flow, such as when using the half-width disconnect
  • Enables accumulating count of seeds planted by a single row for any distance
  • Allows measuring the total distance required to plant a desired quantity of seeds
  • A second acre counter, allowing two counters of area to be used
  • Split function allows two different planter configurations; this complements the 1790 for corn and soybean operations
  • Population adjustment allows a fudge factor to be used to adjust the displayed population for situations when the calculated population is not being correctly displayed


NOTE: ComputerTrak 350 monitors require a radar input. Radar is ordered separately from monitor.


In the event of a radar or radar input failure, the ComputerTrak 350 monitor has the capability to continue with the monitoring of seed flow. If a disk-failed message occurs on this monitor, a set speed, or known as speed-set mode, can be entered to allow continued operation until the radar or radar input error has been resolved.


When in speed-set mode, fast average, area, and speed readouts will not be available. Row-failed messages will occur when seed count drop below two seeds per second. High- and low-population warning messages are also deactivated in this mode.


Also while in speed-set mode, the monitor is going to show fluctuating populations because it assumes the machine is traveling at a constant speed, even though actual populations may remain accurate at slower and faster speeds. Displayed population will only be close to actual populations when actual ground speed matches set speed.


To enter speed-set mode, please follow the following steps:

  1. Hold the split on/off switch while turning monitor on. A full display screen will be displayed for a few seconds and then the row-failed screen will display.
  2. Release the split on/off switch and press the setup-select switch. The speed screen will be the first displayed. The speed will be displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the display.
  3. Use the digit select and 0-9 switches to enter expected planting speed.
  4. Press the scan switch to being monitoring of seed flow.


If power is lost to monitor for any reason, hold the split on/off switch for one second while powering monitor on to re-enter speed-set mode. Previously entered speed is stored in memory and will not have to be re-entered.


NOTE: The speed-set mode is deactivated each time monitor is powered off.