Truck Driver - DeWitt, IA

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Location: DeWitt, IA
Type of Employment: Full time


Responsible for the accurate and timely pickup/delivery of equipment in a safe, secure and reliable manner. Responsible for driving delivery vehicles which requires loading and unloading of equipment.

Essential Duties:

Delivers and picks up equipment and supplies from customer locations or from other stores.

Loads and unloads cargo at each location ensuring equipment being transported is properly secured.

Operates and handles all job-required equipment in a manner that promotes a safe working environment.

Maintains records of pickup and deliveries and obtains necessary signatures and receipts.

Accounts for all time and for all distance traveled in performing assigned duties.

Responsible for performing a pre-trip inspection, scheduling required maintenance, and identifying needed repairs for assigned vehicle. Report any problems noted while operating the vehicle.

Maintains all required certifications in line with DOT, OSHA and company policy.

Obey traffic laws and procedures when driving.

Additional Responsibilities

Other duties as assigned.

Skills & Qualifications:

Must possess and maintain a valid Class A CDL.

Must have and maintain a driving record well enough for insurance purposes.

1-2 years of driving experience is preferred.

Good communication skills.

Good organizational skills.

Ability to work well with other people.

Ability to work varying shifts, weekends and holidays.

Are responsible for the health and safety of other people using the roads.

Appropriate dress and hygiene are important in promoting a positive company image to our customers.

Prompt, regular attendance


High school diploma or equivalent required.

Physical Requirements:

Must be able to lift and/or transfer a maximum of 100 lbs. with frequent lifting and/or carrying of various items weighing up to 50 lbs.

Must be able to twist, turn, reach, push, pull, lift and bend.

Must have good eye, hand and foot coordination for operating equipment.

Ability to sit in vehicles for long periods of time.

Must have good eye sight (20/20 or corrected to such).

Must have good hearing - well enough for safety purposes.

Working Conditions:

Must be able to adapt to climate changes - hot summers/cold winters, humidity changes, rain, snow, etc – due to being outside a majority of the time.

Environment conditions may be dusty, dirty, wet, etc.

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