Shop Assistant - Lowden, IA

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Location: Lowden, IA
Type of Employment: Full-Time

Job Function:Supports the service department by preparing equipment for delivery/pickup, sale, or demonstration purposes.  Transports equipment for delivery or pickup.  Responsible for grounds maintenance. 

Essential Duties:

  1. Responsible for cleaning the inside and outside of all equipment in preparation for delivery/pickup, sale, or demonstration purposes.

  2. Assists Service Specialists with setup of equipment and repairs.

  3. Responsible for grounds maintenance including mowing, snow removal, snow shoveling, etc.

  4. Picks up and delivers equipment, parts and supplies for customers and between store locations.

  5. Maintains records of pick up and deliveries and obtains necessary signatures and receipts.

  6. Maintains assigned trucks and related equipment in good repair.

  7. Moves equipment on display as requested.

  8. Cleans shop area and wash bay area.

Additional Responsibilities

  1. Other responsibilities as assigned.

Skills & Qualifications:

  1. Must have valid D2 CDL driver license.

  2. Must have driving record well enough for insurance purposes.

  3. Knowledge of basic equipment maintenance preferred.

  4. Basic ability to operate vehicles, tools and equipment used within the dealership.

  5. Basic ability to assemble machinery components and to follow manufacturer’s pre-delivery instructions.

  6. Ability to communicate, work and get along with well with others.

  7. Ability to work independently and to get the job completed within the time allotted.

  8. Ability to work varying shifts, weekends and holidays.


  1. High School diploma or equivalent required.

Physical Requirements:

  1. Must be able to lift and/or transfer a maximum of 100 lbs. with frequent lifting and/or carrying of various items weighing up to 50 lbs.

  2. Must be able to twist, turn, reach, push, pull, lift and bend.

  3. Must have good eye, hand and foot coordination for operating equipment.

  4. Must have good eye sight (20/20 or corrected to such).

  5. Must have good hearing - well enough for safety purposes.

Working Conditions:

  1. Must be able to adapt to climate changes - hot summers/cold winters, humidity changes, rain, snow, etc.

  2. Environment conditions may be dusty, dirty, wet, etc.


  1. Exhaust fumes from equipment in enclosed areas.

  2. Noise level from equipment can be high.

  3. Agricultural Chemicals will require the use of safety/protective equipment.


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