John Deere 3E Series vs. Kubota L Series

posted on Friday, June 8, 2018 in The Deere Difference

John Deere 3E Series vs. Kubota L Series Compact Utility Tractors

The John Deere 3E Series and the Kubota L Series Compact Utility Tractors offer similar dimensions, horsepower ranges, and configurations. We put them to the test and outlined a few key comparisons for you. Check out the outline and video below, and we think you’ll agree that the John Deere 3E Series Compact Utility Tractor is the clear superior choice!



John Deere 3E Series    

Kubota L Series        

Hood Materials:  

Rugged Composite

(resists dents & won’t rust)


Sheet Metal

(prone to rust, dents, & scratches)     

Tractor Weight:  

2,222 pounds

(less fuel consumption)   


2,778 pounds   


Yanmar Diesel engine   

  • 30.7 hp and 36.7 hp at 2500 RPMs


Kubota Diesel engine   

  • 33.0 hp and 37.5 hp at 2700 RPMs
  • (higher engine RPMs mean more fuel consumption, noise & wear


Hydrostatic transmission (standard)

Easy-to-use TwinTouch pedals

  • Step on reverse pedal to backup, forward pedal to go forward
  • Farther you push, faster you go. To stop, release pedal

Gear transmission (standard)

Hydrostatic transmission (optional upgrade)

Unnatural treadle pedal

  • Reverse, tilt heel back, Forward, tilt foot forward
  • Not bad until you’ve spent an hour tilting your heels back and forth while working!



TwinTouch pedal system for forward/reverse & speed

Two turning brakes on right side, by the treadle pedal

  • How do you brake AND use the treadle pedal with the same foot?


Operator Comfort:  



Scissors suspension seat

(great ride)

Unobstructed rear view

(seat is positioned back further)

Coil suspension seat

(bumpy, uncomfortable ride)

Bad rear visibility

(seat is positioned further up, hard to see implements)


Implement Hookup: 


iMatch Hitch: attach implements without leaving the tractor seat No quick hitch option, struggle to align hitch & implement
Speed Control:  
  • Find preferred mowing speed
  • Engage (optional) cruise control with a button
  • You're set to mow until you tap the brake

  • Select the right gear speed
  • Let up on the clutch
  • Adjust the throttle
  • (Finally) ready to mow
  • To stop, slow down, or speed up, reverse and repeat actions


6.3-foot turning radius

  • Clear advantage in maneuverability PLUS a shorter overall tractor/loader length


8.2-foot turning radius

Steering Components:  

Protected from the elements

(behind the front axle)


Up front, leaving them exposed & vulnerable in tough conditions

PTO Maintenance:  

Wet, oil-cooled clutch- no required maintenance intervals


Dry clutch- requires maintenance at 100-hour intervals

PTO Engagement:  
  • Lift Power Take-Off Button- this engages the clutch (smooth engagement every time)
  • Ready to mow IMMEDIATELY
  • Simply lift a button to engage PTO on the go! 


  • Step on the clutch and bring tractor to a complete stop
  • Lift PTO engagement lever
  • Engage foot clutch slowly... too fast and you'll snap a shear pin or stall the tractor
  • (FINALLY) ready to mow
Mowing Surprises & Obstacles:  
  • Stop, back up, maneuver around debris
  • Continue mowing
  • Come to a complete stop
  • Quickly step on clutch (not too far or you'll stall the tractor and plug the rotary cutter)
  • Shift into reverse, slowly disengage PTO as you back up
  • Once clear of debris, shift back and drive forward
  • To mow again, come to a complete stop
  • Engage PTO lever
  • Slowly lift foot clutch
  • If rotary cutter is clear, raise clutch all the way to move forward


Quick Attach Bucket:   Comes standard with loader

Optional upgrade


Serviceability:   49 servicing points in 800 hours

127 servicing points in 800 hours

  • 2.6 times MORE!



John Deere 3E Series vs. Kubota L Series


John Deere 3025E vs. Kubota L2501 Series



John Deere     Kubota          
3025E L2501
3032E L3301
3038E L3901



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