Check Out P&K's New Value My Trade Tool

posted on Wednesday, April 6, 2016 in Expertise & Insights

We've launched a NEW tool on our website to help you find the value of your trade fast. It's called Value My Trade - clever name, right? We thought so too, but we digress...

Here's how it works:

STEP 1.) Visit

STEP 2.) Fill out the form and click SUBMIT DETAILS.

STEP 3.) You're done! It's that easy. A member of our P&K sales team will respond to you within 48-hours.

Ba-da-bing. Ba-da-boom. You're on your way to knowing just how much you'll get when you trade up to that pretty new John Deere mower, Gator, tractor, or {INSERT YOUR DREAM-WORTHY JOHN DEERE EQUIPMENT HERE}! 

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