Comparing Apples to Apples- Know your (Stalk) Rolls

posted on Monday, October 12, 2015 in Expertise & Insights

John Deere offers three unique stalk roll options for 600 Series Corn heads. Each is designed to meet the specific residue processing needs of our customers. Basically, they’re awesome but there are competitive models out there – and that’s ok, if you know your rolls and are armed with the facts.

Let’s talk fruit for a minute. Don’t tell me my Honey Crisp is a bad orange compared to your Valencia. Because it’s not an orange – IT'S AN APPLE.

What we’re seeing at Fall Farm Shows and in the market place today are competitors making performance claims after comparing their solution to the John Deere base option rather than the comparable John Deere solution. What is up with that?

We know you won’t be fooled and to help spot an apples to oranges comparison read below for a quick reference guide about the three types of John Deere stalk rolls. Need more info? Click on the links to view each product’s Sales Manual or visit your local P&K today.

John Deere Straight Fluted Stalk Roll unique benefits:

Aggressive stripping action and better stalk control
Primarily leaves the stalk intact for slow residue breakdown and moisture trapping
Reduced material other than grain (MOG) intake

John Deere Opposed Knife Roll unique benefits:

Designed for use when harvesting dry corn with the StalkMaster™ stalk chopping option
Cuts and sizes cornstalks 25.4cm (10in.) to 40.6cm (16in)

John Deere Intermeshing Knife Roll unique benefits:

More aggression stalk processing that opposed rolls
Designed specifically for high-moisture corn
Provides a self-sharpening action as the blades wear
Fracturing of the stalk increase the speed of residue decomposition and return of nitrogen to the soil
Less prone to plugging in tough, wet or weedy conditions
Also available on StalkMaster corn heads