ExactEmerge Retrofit Kits

posted on Monday, July 27, 2015 in Expertise & Insights

When ExactEmerge launched in 2014 the big buzz among those in the industry was its high-speed planting option. It gave producers the ability to go 10mph without any loss in accuracy, as long as field conditions were acceptable.

Awesome right? The only issue is this groundbreaking technology was available to only two John Deere planters – the 1775NT and the 1795.

That is, until recently.

Thanks to new ExactEmerge Retrofit Kits, you can add this high-performance feature to your 1770NT CCS MY11 or newer, 1790 MY11 or newer and DB Series MY12 of newer machines.

But wait, there’s more.

Not only do you get 10mph planting that offers accurate singulation, population, spacing and uniform depth you also receive the following with an ExactEmerge Retrofit Kit upgrade:

Brush Belt Delivery System – Gives you precise seed placement to the bottom of the trench with no bounce or roll.

High-Performance Vacuum Meter – Allows you to use a variety of seed shapes and sizes and maintains a target population even over terrain with slopes up to 15 degrees.

Brush-Style Doubles Eliminator – The bristles of this redesigned doubles eliminator sweep extra seeds away, limiting one seed to a hole, giving you precise singulation.

Dual Electric Motors – Compared to standard brush motors that generate friction and heat buildup, these electric motors operate off of ground speed which is more efficient.

Seed Sensor – Provides every vital bit of information for each seed traveling through the brush belt delivery system.

Improved Shank – Enhanced gauge wheel arm provides greater wear life and strengthened row unit shanks can withstand additional force and impact without fracturing, regardless of planting conditions.

Better Planter Performance – Seed Start Mobile gives you row by row map layers and with Wireless Data Transfer and MyJohnDeere.com, you can view data from anywhere.

Click on any of the above for more information or better yet, come visit your local P&K Pinpoint representative at our 2015 Technology Fairs. Starting at 1pm on the following days:

Sumner – July 27th
Keystone – July 28th
DeWitt – July 29th
Waverly – July 29th
Lowden – July 30th
Waterloo – July 30th
Mt. Vernon – July 31st

Can’t make it to the Technology Fair but want more information? Call 1-888-630-4020 and schedule a time to upgrade your planter today.