Let's Make Hay!

posted on Thursday, May 26, 2016 in Expertise & Insights

Quality hay and quality bales don't just happen - they're made!

Here is some information we want to share with you to help you make the best bales for your operation.

Five Keys To Making Great Hay Bales:
1.) Tractor Setup
2.) Baler Setup
3.) Windrow Formation
4.) Driving Technique
5.) Monitor Setup

Make Better Net Wrap Bales

Cows Prefer John Deere B-Wrap


Final thoughts: In addition to John Deere Netwrap (B-Wrap, CoverEdge and Edge-to-Edge), here's a kit we recommend you use when baling which will provide added protection to your baler ultimately minimizing downtime. 

BE32327 Speed Compensation 7, 8 and 9 Series Slip Clutch Alert Kit

This kit is included in base equipment for MY2010 and later models. It requires a Bale Trak Pro Monitor and MegaWide pickup. 

The BE32327 serves two functions:
1.) Speed Compensation. When you want to run less than rated PTO speed, it will put the desired number of wraps on your bale. 
2.) Slip Clutch Alert. If one clutch slips, the monitor displays a warning and beeps so you can make a corrective action. This helps increase the life of the clutches saving you from costly downtime and repairs. 

Here's an example of the cost savings with the BE32327 Slip Clutch Alert Kit

Cost of an AE58932 540 RPM Clutch Repair Kit = $759* (PLUS labor and downtime)
Cost of a BE32327 Speed Compensation, Slip Clutch Alert Kit - $362*

*pricing subject to change