Powering Forward with New 2018 5E Series Tractors

posted on Thursday, February 15, 2018 in Expertise & Insights

The newest generation of power & reliability is now hitting the lots at your local P&K dealerships in eastern Iowa!  With 45-75 engine horsepower ready to roll, and John Deere’s legendary reputation for quality, there’s simply no better value than the new 5E series 3-cylinder tractors.  Since their debut in 2009, the 5E models have proven to be some of John Deere’s most successful and reliable tractors.  Available in two- and four-wheel-drive and open station and air conditioned models, these tractors can be customized to match every customer’s operation.


For 2018, several improvements were made to the 5E 3-cylinder tractors to improve ease-of-use, visibility, and customer convenience. 


The new steeply-sloped hood increases visibility to the loader and front of the tractor.

Model Year 2018 5E Tractor New Slopped Hood Design


The flatter operator’s platform makes getting on and off the tractor much easier! The engine throttle lever was moved from the instrument panel to the right-hand console, requiring much less effort to power through tough jobs. 

Model Year 2018 5E Tractor Flatter Operator Platform


In addition, 5E 3-cylinder tractors are now available loader-ready at your local P&K dealership. This means that we’ll be able to get your new tractor to you quicker than ever before! 

Model Year 2018 5E Tractors Now Loader Ready at P&K


All of these new features reinforce the legendary value that you can get with the 5E 3-cylinder tractors.  0% financing and huge retail bonuses, as well as implement bonuses from purchasing our great selection of John Deere & Frontier implements, make these new 45-75 horsepower tractors a tremendous value for property owners, farmers, and commercial customers.  Visit one of our P&K locations today to take a test drive, chat with our sales expert, and get a quote on a new 5E series tractor!  We’ll see you soon!



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