RLE Fall Tips

posted on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 in Expertise & Insights

Football season is starting this week, which means one thing-autumn leaves and fall temperatures are just around the corner! Is your lawn ready for the fall season? If not, taking a few steps (with a little help from P&K) will set your seasonal lawn care up for a win. 
First- keep on mowing. Continue to water and mow your lawn, as needed throughout the fall.  Our full line of riding mowers makes mowing fun and easy. Our lineup includes residential zero-turn-radius mowers, as well as the traditional riding lawn tractors. And we even carry the full line of Honda walk-behind mowers.
The next tip for lawn success is to aerate the soil. Aerators penetrate the soil, allowing air and nutrients to enter the lawn. Raking the leaves and fertilizing the soil are the next two keys to a beautiful lawn. Finally the last tip is to keep up on those pesky weeds...a never-ending job, it seems. Luckily, John Deere makes lawn care simple and easy with their team of attachments- and P&K is ready to help you tackle any job. And be sure to ask us about the mulch control kit options for your mowers. It’ll return nutrients back into the ground, which will help keep your soil off the injured reserve! Lawn sweepers, tow behind sprayers, spreaders, and aerators round out the winning team.  
So get out there, and GO FIGHT WIN for an amazing lawn throughout the season!