RTK Network

RTK accuracy provides many benefits to the user, as well as highly accurate corrections to a suite of John Deere precision solutions. Machines utilizing this type of signal correction have repeatable sub-inch accuracy 95% of the time.  For your fleet, that's unprecedented accuracy that you can't afford to miss out on.  With the John Deere and P&K RTK network, you'll find reduced pass-overlaps (and a reduction in overall costs), no satellite drift (the base station is stationary and LOCAL), and additional functionality with your John Deere machine that allow for greater precision and repeatability (implement guidance, etc.).  

Below is the P&K Pinpoint RTK Network's coverage map. For more accurate technology solutions in your area- we've got you covered. 

The Pinpoint RTK network provides sub-inch accuracy to your agricultural fleet year to year. Our network utilizes John Deere receivers providing GPS and Glonass corrections that are broadcast through the powerful John Deere 450mhz radio. Contact your local PK Pinpoint FieldPro for more information!

Click here to view the P&K Equipment Pinpoint RTK Network in a larger map.